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Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Awards are given annually in recognition of exceptional performance, achievement, or demonstration of supreme qualities of character and culture so extraordinary as to set the individual Generations employee apart from his or her peers. There are seven categories of award recognizing specific achievements, some eligible only by specific job position or length of employment.

The Wendell White Leadership Award

Named in honor of the storied career of our Founder, this award is won by those individuals who demonstrate extraordinary personal success in all 5 key Generations Values; qualify for criteria under Vitality, Service, Stewardship, and Teamwork awards; develop mentorship relationships with staff; demonstrate innovation and entrepreneurial leadership; and are instrumental to the campus-wide integration of our mission.

The Robert W. White Vitality Award

Named for our President-Emeritus, this award is achieved by individuals who demonstrate tremendous commitment to fostering Vitality – whole-person wellbeing and growth – at a Generations campus; effectively communicate and share the Vitality vision; empower and motivate those around them; influence and champion positive wellness outcomes in others; and role-model balanced wellbeing.

The Mabel Maddock Service Award

Named for Wendell White’s excellence-driven grandmother, this award is presented to individuals who demonstrate truly exceptional service to Generations residents; value residents as unique individuals; foster the sense of being-at-home for residents; and are masters of service ‘wows’.

The Stewardship Award

Founded in recognition of 2 of the 5 key Generations Values, those who achieve this award foster ethical and efficient use of company resources, funds, and labor; integrate impactful innovations related to such; and demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit in the spirit of our Founder, Wendell White.

The Teamwork Award

One of the most competitive categories, those recognized as Teamwork Award title-holders foster cooperation and collaboration; are flexible and motivated; are instrumental in the development peers; performed job duties with excellence; demonstrate humility, integrity, inclusiveness, and compassion; live and embrace all 4 aspects of Fish Philosophy and the Generations Mission of Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living!

The Rookie Award

For those who have been with the Generations Family less than one year, but who nonetheless execute extraordinary job performance and demonstration of company culture values.

The Sandy Warrick Award for Excellence

Named in honor of a celebrated Generations employee and open to employees with more than a decade of service at a Generations community, these notable individuals have campus-wide positive impact on both employees and residents; are identified as best-of-the best amongst peers; and are consummate role-models of the Generations Mission of Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living!

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